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Lynn gave me peace of mind and you cannot put a price on that. I am so grateful to have had her prepare my taxes and answer all my questions. She also went the extra mile to assure I got all the deductions I was entitled to. Lynn's very knowledgeable in her field and has a sparkling personality that made working with her a pleasure. I especially appreciated the speed and ease with which we communicated even though we are in different parts of the country. I would recommend her any day of the week. For me, it was money well spent. Thank you very much, Lynn!


Hudson, NH

I have been using Lynn now for almost 6 years, and I have nothing but the utmost praise for her and her staff's performance, efficiency and timeliness. I knew very little about taxes; I was a retired public safety administrator when I first came to Lynn, and during this time, her level of experience and breadth of knowledge has done nothing but continue to impress me...and I am not easily impressed. Lynn has guided me through some really tough times and kept me out of trouble with the IRS and kept me right on the mark, so that I get to keep more of my own money and Uncle Sam only gets what Uncle Sam is entitled to...and not a penny more. There might be other tax services out there that are less expensive than her, but she is reasonable in her fee structure considering her level of knowledge and services that she delivers. I have 'zero' complaints and will continue to use her services in the future.

K. Bradley

Auburndale, FL

Go Lynn! I like the personal attention and fast service. You know she knows her business. You leave with a sense of confidence that you are in good hands. I trust her completely.

M. Lamas

Winter Haven, FL

We moved to Winter Haven in December 2013. I found Lynco Tax Services website and made an appointment for her to do our complicated taxes. She prepared our tax return and sent it electronically, and we didn't think any more about it. After a couple of weeks, we got a phone call from Lynn. She said someone else used Ron's social security number and the IRS rejected our returns. We were in a panic and confused. We had no clue about how to handle such a problem. Lynn helped us with everything & gave us step by step instructions. We had to file our 2013 returns on paper. The IRS accepted that return. Lynn did our 2014 return electronically and it was accepted. We appreciated all her help.

R. & D. Ogburn

Winter Haven, FL

I have been working with Lynn Schmidt and her Lynco Financial Team for over 13 years. Lynn's timely responses via telephone and email to our questions have been a blessing. We also appreciate that a real person actually answers the telephone when we call and the fact that Lynn has instilled her customer responsive thinking into all of her staff which is very important to our daily business operations. We are a small company extremely involved with day-to-day operations. We trust and consider Lynn to be the most important member of our Financial Tax & Planning Team. She understands our business and is often looking out for our best interests when we are too busy to think about it. Today, Lynco Financial is doing all of our business and personal tax returns. We truly appreciate the great working relationship we have developed with Lynn Schmidt and her Tax and Financial Planning team over the years.

D. Norris - David R. Norris Engineering LLC

Winter Haven, FL

Lynn and her staff have been helping my partner and I since we lived in Ringwood, NJ, and she lived in Tuxedo, NY, about 20-25 years ago. She is very committed to her profession, and I encourage everyone to contact her about any accounting questions. She has always been there for us!

R. Patterson

Deerfield Beach, FL

I have been with Lynco Financial & Tax Services for more than 12 years. Lynn and her staff have always been there for me in time of need and solved all the issues with professionalism and compassion. I moved to Orlando 10 years ago but will only trust Lynn and her wonderful staff in the future for my tax needs and professional advice. Thank you for all you do. You are no less than excellent and five star service.

M. Gill

Orlando, FL

Well, managed to beat Uncle Sam again with him owing me about $588... Thanks to Lynn Schmidt at Lynco Financial & Tax Services, Inc., my Enrolled Agent, she does a good job for me every year and makes sure Uncle Sam only gets exactly what he is entitled to and not a penny more. Some people would classify me as being pretty picky about some things. I am picky about my food, my car, my friends and those I choose to do business with. You see, as a retired law enforcement officer from this county, it is not very often that you run into anyone with a true sense of business ethics and personal integrity. Trust me, after 30 years in this county, I have seen the worst that humankind has to offer. It was therefore very refreshing when I first started doing business with Lynn several years ago. My goodness, she is such a stickler for detail, something that as a police detective, you had to have to be successful. Her advice to me is always 'spot-on'. She keeps my money in my pocket and gives Uncle Sam only what he is due and not a penny more. My kind of thinking! Lynn's personal integrity is also something that is evident in the way she conducts business with you, and that is a quality that in today's business world is unfortunately severely lacking anymore. Now, is she the cheapest in town to use? Certainly not, but I learned long time ago... you get what you pay for, and in this case, anyone who keeps me from getting in trouble with the Feds is worth their weight in gold. Thanks Lynn, not only for your business services and expertise, but also for all those things you do in the community that you never talk about . Yes, I have noticed them!!

K. Bradley

Auburndale, FL

The Lynco Staff are always polite, kind and very willing to help with answers to any tax problem I thought I had! I am very grateful to the staff and especially to Lynn!

F. Sanseverino

Winter Haven, FL

Lynn has been my trusted personal and business accountant & tax advisor since I started my business many, many years ago. She has always provided courteous, timely and professional service. I consider Lynn not only an outstanding accountant, but a very dear personal friend.

J.H. Cornett - Jack Cornett Inc.

Sebring, FL

We have used Lynn's services for our tax and accounting matters since the business was formed 10 years ago. Her knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail are second to none - and I am confident to leave our financial affairs in her capable hands - leaving us to concentrate on what we do best. Her ability to work with and react to the tight timescales that sometimes face a small business is an added bonus. I would highly recommend her to other businesses.

P. Bellingham - Spring Break Sports Inc.

Celebration, FL

Lynn and her staff at Lynco Financial & Tax Services are very helpful in working to help with all of our tax needs. It is reassuring that she keeps up with all the tax laws so that we don't have to. She takes care of everything. We have known Lynn for many years and were some of the first people that she met upon her arrival here in Florida. Over the years, she has been an important advisor to us in that we have owned and operated several different businesses. Lynn and her staff are always helpful, friendly and easy to deal with. She helps to make difficult tax information understandable. We highly recommend Lynn as a tax consultant and advisor for whatever business you may have.

K. & C. Hyatt

R. & C. Guy

Lakeland, FL

Lynn & her staff have been great for my business. When I got started with my own business, I thought I could handle things on my own. I was wrong. I finally went to Lynn for help when I was about 2 years behind on everything. She got me up-to-date and has kept me on track ever since. The best part is that I am free to devote my time and energy to making my business go, while Lynn's office takes care of the books and taxes. Hiring Lynn has helped me and my business. It's been money well spent.

S. Shelton, Attorney At Law

Winter Haven, FL

Lynn Schmidt of Lynco Financial & Tax Services has been my accountant since I started my company back in 1989 as a home-based business. The best advice I received when starting a business was to get the best accountant and lawyer I could find. I certainly found the best accountant! Several years ago, I relocated to MI. I thought being out of state would be a problem with my accounting via long-distance, but Lynn obtained all the necessary requirements for the State of Michigan and made sure we were always in compliance. She has grown along with us as we acquired office space, then bigger space, technology and employees. Lynn worked closely with our bookkeeper in setting up accounts and training on software, handling payroll & taxes, etc. She has advised us on business topics ranging from whether to lease or buy equipment to explaining the difference between having employees or independent contractors.

During a particularly difficult period when we were suddenly without our trusted bookkeeper and I was traveling extensively (and worried), Lynn made sure that all necessary forms and payments were timely filed, thereby preventing penalties from being assessed. Lynn made numerous suggestions as to how to accomplish various business tasks in my absence, which eased my concerns. One solution to our payroll concerns was resolved by her association with Paychex - we never again had to worry about handling payroll or payroll tax payments again, as this was handled with ease. Several times, Lynn interceded on our behalf with the IRS, resulting in either waived or decreased fines and penalties. Lynn advises us on year-end strategic tax planning, helping us maximize profits, which we greatly value.

G. Hallyburton, President

Bruton Marketing Inc.

Auburn Hills, MI

One thing I particularly admire in Lynn is her commitment to her continuing professional education - always learning the latest tax laws and regulations so we can have confidence in her advice and recommendations. We are extremely grateful for her time, her expertise, her absolute integrity and professionalism, her outrageous sense of humor, and last but certainly not least, her innate ability to build strong personal relationships with her clients which is what we value the most.

We are constantly approached by local accounting firms for our business, but honestly, there is no way anyone else could compete with the service, expertise, or solid friendship we have built and enjoyed with Lynn and her staff at Lynco Financial & Tax Services over the past 22+ years. The peace of mind in knowing that 'someone has your back' is simply invaluable.

G. Hallyburton, President

Bruton Marketing Inc.

Auburn Hills, MI

Lynco has been such a blessing to our company. Lynn Schmidt is never too busy to answer questions and teaches you the correct way so you won't make the same mistake twice (hopefully). No question is stupid or insignificant. She is such a straight shooter. I have been working with her for nearly four years and have confidence in her knowledge and abilities. Over the many years of my career as a bookkeeper, I have been in four IRS audit situations, and believe me, they can be difficult. I know Lynco dots their i's and crosses their t's, and if an audit would present itself, they would be there to assist with all the correct information. I recommend them highly. Lynco's staff has always been kind, considerate and willing to help in any way they can. From the second they answer the telephone until you hang up, you feel like your call was welcomed and you weren't an imposition to a group of busy people wishing you would go away. Good going all of you.

J. Duncan

Lakeland, FL

Lynn, you corrected our taxes for 2007 which were originally done incorrectly by someone else. We lived in Winter Haven, FL for 8 months last year. Due to my husband's work, his company has moved us to Salt Lake City, UT, and we were wondering if you would continue to handle our taxes. You are by far the best accountant we've come across, and we would love to keep you in our lives for future assistance.

B. & D. Makemson

Winter Haven, FL/Salt Lake City, UT

A few years ago, we had an issue with the IRS. Knowing that the problem was beyond our comprehension, we began a search of the yellow pages. The good Lord must have guided my hand as I chose Lynco Financial & Tax Services. Within 5 minutes of meeting Lynn Schmidt, we knew the choice was right. With a calm and professional manner, she understood and resolved the problem. I have never met a more conscientious person whose only regard is that of providing the highest level of service possible. Needless to say, since that day forward, we wouldn't dream of allowing anyone else near our taxes.

J. & L. Jaworek

Kissimmee, FL

I began a search in 2002 for a new accountant and tax advisor for my corporation and personal tax return. I was impressed with Lynn Schmidt's knowledge and personality and engaged her services during our first meeting. A few years later, I sold the business. With the aid of Lynn's advice on tax matters and tax preparation, the process went smoothly, and I was happy with the results. Subsequently, I moved out of Polk County, but I have retained Lynco Financial & Tax Services Inc. for my ongoing tax planning and preparation needs. I have always felt completely at ease with all my tax filings, knowing they were accurately and truthfully prepared. The service from Lynn and her staff has always been superb!

S. Hauser

Parrish, FL

We first contacted Lynn Schmidt back in 2001 when we felt overwhelmed with our personal tax return due to a very complicated (we thought) stock situation. She not only made sense of it, but had our return prepared and filed amazingly fast. She has been our financial and tax expert ever since. In that time, she and her staff have assisted us with taxes, retirement planning and other financial matters - from opening(and closing) our own small business to numerous other tax planning matters. Her staff is efficient, conscientious and pleasant. I can honestly say that we now consider Lynn not only our financial and tax advisor but also an especially nice family friend.

R. & J. Loughlin

Auburndale, FL

No one person has suffered more at the altar of my stupidity than Lynn Schmidt. Back in 2005 when I had a dream of a better life for my family, she took me under her wing. This began a process of teaching me what a 940 form was and many other things that I needed to know. In the several years that I have known them, Lynn and her staff have given me straight answers to my questions whether I wanted to hear them or not. I am very proud to call her my friend! Lynn and her staff have made sure things were taken care of when, at times, I struggled to go on both professionally and personally. If I stop by their office, they always take the time to say, 'Timmy, come in and sit down, tell us what’s happening.' When you choose Lynco Financial & Tax Services, Inc. (and you will), you too will find out what great people they are to work with. They have lots of determination to help YOU succeed!

T. Kelly, President

Sure Central Air Inc.

Winter Haven, FL