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Do you fear bad news every year when tax time comes around? If you answered yes, then you need the unique skills of Lynco Financial & Tax Services, Inc. to reduce your taxes and preserve your wealth. As a Certified Tax Planner & Certified Tax Coach, we specialize in finding loopholes that average tax professionals miss, providing our clients with big savings. When you work with us, we'll design an effective and legal tax strategy to minimize your tax burden, so you can hold on to more of your income. At Lynco Financial & Tax Services, Inc., our goal is to help people KEEP more of what they make and SAVE more of what they keep!

Strategic Tax Planning to Reduce Tax Liability

At Lynco Financial & Tax Services, Inc. , we understand that tax planning must be proactive, not reactive. As your Certified Tax Coach, we employ tax reduction strategies throughout the year to manage tax obligations and increase tax savings at year end. Many accountants and CPAs contact clients just once a year, however, we stay in contact with you to guide you through financial decisions that could impact taxes. Which view do you prefer? Driving through life backwards looking through your small rearview mirror or looking forward through the view of the larger windshield. THAT is the concept of utilizing proactive tax planning!

With us on your side, you can rest easy knowing you will never overpay on your taxes. We know how to examine the U.S. tax code and find every tax loophole, deduction, incentive, and break to reduce your taxes. We are on constant watch for revisions to state or federal tax regulations and will use every legal means to bring you the best tax savings possible.

As a Certified Tax Planner & Certified Tax Coach, our advanced training is designed to lower your taxes and increase your wealth. The following is a sampling of the over four hundred ways we reduce your taxable income:

  • Loopholes within the current tax code
  • Income and expense shifting strategies
  • Passive loss strategies
  • Real estate tax planning
  • Investment strategies to lower tax

Save Thousands of Dollars On Your Taxes Now

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